Edgemont Strategies

Originally founded in 2009 as a Public Opinion Research Firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).

Edgemont Strategies has embarked on multiple campaigns across a broad range of initiatives over the years with a focus now on helping organizations build better relationships with their customers.

We have performed and offered traditional online internet marketing; Facebook Ad, Google Advertising, LinkedIn Marketing. As well as helping businesses with their B2B sales and lead generation.

Our clients have included Silicon Valley startups, Universities, Government agencies and well known non-profit organizations.

At our core, we feel helping companies and organizations build long-term relationships with their customers is the best value we can offer our own clients.

These are the types of engagements we feel are most rewarding to ourselves as well as our clients.

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Relationship Strategy

We focus on the customer experience to improve customer interactions for better brand loyalty.

Audience Segmentation

Your audience is made of individuals. We segment your audience into homogeneous groups based on your target offerings.

Personalized Messaging

Tailored and personalized messaging is generated based on your customer’s interaction with your business.

Campaign Reporting

Our campaigns are designed to deliver a positive ROI within 90 days. Our reports help you to see your campaign success.

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