Relationship Strategy

We focus on the customer experience to improve customer interactions for better brand loyalty.

Audience Segmentation

Your audience is made of individuals. We segment your audience into homogeneous groups based on your target offerings.

Personalized Messaging

Tailored and personalized messaging is generated based on your customer’s interaction with your business.

Campaign Reporting

Our campaigns are designed to deliver a positive ROI within 90 days. Our reports help you to see your campaign success.

Relationship Strategy

Your business success is directly proportional to Your relationship with your customers.

Forget marketing. To be able to cut through the noise in today’s online social economy requires building long-term relationships with your customers.

We are social beings and crave meaningful relationships within our lives.

When your messaging focuses on building relationships, offering value and building trust your customers are more naturally inclined pay higher prices and buy more often.

Developing the Strategy

We work with you to create a long-term relationship building strategy with your customers, clients and/or students.

Relationship Building is a Process

Relationships aren’t built overnight but the compounding effects can be extraordinary.

Relationships are the Foundation for Growth

We crave meaningful relationships in our lives. Not to be marketed too.

Audience Segmentation

One size doesn’t fit all!

Your customers have a find tuned ability to smell generic messaging a mile away.

Your customers are unique, individual and want personalized messaging.

We start by helping you to segment your audience into homogeneous groups which fit your product or service offering.

Segmentation Automation

We start with first crafting messaging based on the group(s) your customers fit into based on your product or service offerings.

Feedback Loop

When your customers begin to interact with your business, these insights allow us to better understand their attitudes, opinions and beliefs.


Relationship building comes from personalized messaging. Personalized messaging is achievable by better understanding their interactions with your business.

Personalized Messaging

Your customers are people too and communication needs to be personal.

We have all received template cookie-cutter communications.

Nobody likes it.

What we crave for is personalized and tailored messaging.

Today technology has the ability to track all interactions your customers have with your business and this allows us to better understand their attitudes, opinions and beliefs and cater personalized messaging – unique to each and every customer.

Unique Interactions, Personalized Messaging

Your customers interaction with your business is unique to them. We utilize technology that offers personalized messaging based on their interactions with your business.

Continually Building Relationships

The more your customers interact with your business, the more insights we gain and over time able to offer highly targeted personalized messaging.

Scaling Relationship Building

Technology today now gives us the ability to scale personalized messaging in a meaningful way.

Campaign Reporting

Designed to deliver a positive ROI within 90 days!

Understanding how effective your marketing spend is key to optimizing your return on investment. We provide the ROI on your campaigns, how your customers are interacting with your business and insights into your customer relationships.

Status Reports

Transparency is key. Status reports are provided so you know at what stage each of your campaigns are at any given moment.

Reporting & Insights

We provide monthly reports and insights for our clients which allows us to track our successes and transparency regarding the work we do.

Continually Improving Campaigns

Our campaigns are continually improving. We learn from past lessons and continually adapt and fine tune campaigns on an ongoing basis.

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